Engagement in Live Ideation at InnovationEX 2017


Colleaga is excited to be on site at Markham Stouffville Hospital (MSH) to accelerate live innovation on Wednesday April 5, 2017 for InnovationEX 2017.

The Joint Centres for Transformative Healthcare Innovation is a partnership between six large community hospitals (including MSH) focused on collaboration and sharing to improve quality, safety and performance in health care. InnovationEX 2017 is a celebration of partership achievements over the past year.

Colleaga's booth highlights our partnership with MSH in Crowdsourcing Ideas to Accelerate Innovation. To solve some of the toughest challenges healthcare providers face, MSH piloted Colleaga's technology platform to capture ideas from staff and physicians across the hospital and connected front-line staff to subject matter experts all around the world.

Our team will be engaging InnovationEX participants live at the Colleaga booth to submit ideas for engaging staff in innovation programs while using the Colleaga innovation platform. To receive a copy of the results of this live challenge please contact Robyn Berridge, robynb@colleaga.org. Results will be approved and distributed by the innovation team at MSH.

We look forward to your ideas for enaging staff in innovation activities and hearing your feedback about the Colleaga innovation platform and program. See you at our booth!

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Any additional questions? Please contact your Challenge Facilitator, Robyn Berridge at robynb@colleaga.org