Explaining Personalized Healthcare

Executive Summary

Key question: What is Personalized Healthcare all about?

Personalized Healthcare transforms patients lives by delivering tailored care to each unique individual which will effectively and quickly help prevent, diagnose, and treat patients. The goal is to ensure the right treatment for the right patient at the right time. This approach to care involves transforming healthcare systems, smarter treatment decisions and care driven by patient needs.

A Revolution in Healthcare

This is a pivotal moment in healthcare history. We are able to bring together a unique understanding of human biology with new ways to analyze data. As we move to into an era of digital technology, this digitization in healthcare provides new ways to collect high quality data and connect it to data from large pools of other patient data. Further analysis of such data allows for deeper understanding of how to treat an individual.


How Personalized Healthcare Works

In order to comprehend how personalized healthcare is meant to work, past healthcare methods need to be understood first.

Healthcare previously used to be giving every patient with the same disease the same type of medication for treatment. With this approach, it was unclear why medication worked for some people and not others, despite all having the same disease.

In the present time, clinicians are able to understand, target and diagnose illness on a molecular level. The identification of drivers of diseases help to better predict how well a patient is going to respond to treatment. Currenting, as the understanding of medicine continues to grow and all the data being  is stored, it us not tapped into to try to understand it in order to improve treatment.

The future of the healthcare system is to tailor medical treatments to meet the individual needs of patients in the digital technology era. In order to do that, more information must be obtained and analyzed to learn how diseases manifest how unique patients experience said diseases.


Changes to the Current System

To move forward with Personalized Healthcare the approaches to data sharing, clinical trial designs, regulatory processes, how therapies are developed and how care is delivered to patients need to evolve.

  1. From primarily looking at the disease location in the body to understanding what drives a disease at a molecular level
  2. From trial and error to continual learning of each patient experience and diagnoses
  3. From one size fits all medication to treatment decisions tailored to unique individual needs
  4. From paper records to a digital loop of sharing insights between clinical practice and research

Personalized Healthcare entails care that is driven by patient needs which helps patients live longer by providing the right treatment at the right time to each unique person. However, Personalized Healthcare is not only about treating and preventing disease for individuals, it involves rethinking the healthcare system for future generations.