Focus Area: Improve Clinic Access and Enhance Veteran Centric Care

The Veterans Mental Health Innovation Accelerator utilizes the Colleaga experiential learning system that is grounded in evidence-based best practices, tailored for busy OSI clinic professionals to cultivate actionable innovation projects.


Focus Area 1: OSI Clinics experience problems in their management processes

  • Inaccurate demand projection for Clinic services


  • Hiring and retaining specialized resources


  • Underutilized budgets when resources cannot be hired


  • Suboptimal navigation to local mental health resources


Focus Area 2: OSI Clinics experience problems in their clinic operational workflow processes

  • Deficient case triage and clinic referral processes result in longer wait times


  • Cumbersome assessment and treatment clinical workflows result in long wait times and reduced therapeutic efficacy


  • Sub-optimal clinic discharge criteria and post discharge support diminish veteran experience and reduce clinic new referral capacity