How Do I Participate?

Executive Summary

How do I Participate?
Way to go! You have now logged in to your account and are ready to make a difference. Not sure what to do next?
Step #1   Check out the features in the Colleaga Commons (You are currently in the Commons).

Here you can:

  • Access resources, articles, tools and experts to find best practices and generate ideas;
  • Connect with your network of healthcare innovators and join the conversation;
  • Review Challenges and join Communities of like-minded innovators working on similar issues; and
  • Connect with Members and join the Colleaga movement to expand the global open source knowledge base for healthcare innovation by posting links and articles.


Watch the Video Below to Discover Colleaga:

Step #2   Review your Challenges

Has your organization challenged you to help solve a problem? Click in the ‘My Challenges’ area in the bottom right corner of your homepage for detailed information on Colleaga Challenges from your organization including timelines, rules, incentives and boundaries.

Step #3   Submit your ideas in Colleaga Challenges

There are no bad ideas. Even very small changes can have a big impact over time.  Use the resources in the Commons to generate your ideas, submit them in ‘My Challenges’ and be an innovator.

Watch the Video Below to Discover Colleaga Challenges:

Watch the Video Below to Discover How to Integrate Colleaga Commons & Colleaga Challenges:



















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