How to Set Up and Use the Folder Structure

Executive Summary

Welcome to the instructions for the template program folder structure! These instructions are also included in a Box note inside the structure.

The structure: https://colleaga.box.com/s/wn36ept33a79f1ugvf2g4n9og7jmjufj (With this link, you are only able to view and download the structure. Please open the structure in Box: Solution > Enterprise Playbook > New Program Template and make sure you have co-admin permissions. Talk to Roc if you don't have this level of permission.)

You will notice that all the folder names have underscores at the front and the back. This is to distinguish them as template folders.

Please complete the steps below as soon as a signed contract has been received and the program for an organization with Colleaga is about to start. If you start the structure at such a time, you won't have to go back later and reorganize the documents that have been created.

Note: Ignore the "Box Notes Images" folder in the structure, this can be deleted when you delete this box note from your new structure.



Videos of instructions (in two parts) for setting up the folder structure (please note that written instructions and pictures are included below the videos):



How to Set Up the Folder Structure

  1. Make sure you are logged into Box and have the _Organization Name_ folder open in front of you. (See photo below.)

  2. Near the top right of the screen, there is a button that has ... on it. Click this button. (It will say "More Options" when you hover over the button.)                        


  3. Click "Move or Copy".                     


  4. Make sure that at the top of the new window that pops up it says Move or Copy "_Organization Name_". This way you know you are copying the whole structure.

  5. Now navigate in this window where you want to store your new folder structure. Most likely, you will be storing it under "Organizations". Click "Copy" once you have navigated and selected the folder you want.

  6. Once you have clicked "Copy" and Box has completed the action, there will be a green box at the top of the page. This means that the structure has been created.

  7. Now navigate to where you stored the folder structure. Most likely, you will have stored it under "Organizations", so go into this folder.

  8. Find your copied folder structure. It will look something like this:

  9. Rename the copied folder structure from _Organization Name_ (1) to the Organization's name.

  10. (e.g. Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network, CareConnect, Veteran Affairs) by again clicking the three dots, then moving down the pop-up list to "More Actions", then over to the new menu and click "Rename".

  11. Rename the _1 Challenge Name or Community Name_ folder and the other challenge folders if you know what the challenges will be called (e.g. Post Pilot Implementation Community, Wound Care Problem Definition Challenge) by clicking on the folder structure to open it and then repeating step 8 with all the folders in all layers of the structure (there are folders within folders, so you will have to click them to open them and then repeat step 8 again). NOTE: Remove all the underscores on all of the folders names when renaming them. By doing this, you are demonstrating that this structure is no longer a template.

  12. At the end of all the folders (once there are no more folders to go into), you will often find a Box Note explaining what is to be stored in this folder if the title of the folder itself is not self-explanatory. Feel free to delete these notes once you understand what is to be stored where. They are in a checklist format so you can track what you have stored so far.

  13. Under each Challenge folder, there is an Activities and Engagements folder. I have created possible groupings of meeting to be stored in this folder but feel free to add or remove folders from here as you see fit. For example, if there is only a Steerco and no Manco, you can delete this Manco folder. If there are weekly huddles with the Sherpas, you could create a folder called "Weekly Huddles with Sherpas".

  14. Finally, you need to share the Challenge/Community folders with the Innovation Sherpas and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that will be partnering with Colleaga to execute specific Challenges/Communities. 

  15. Hover over the challenge folder you want to share in the list of folders under _Organization Name_ (or whatever you renamed this folder to be). Move your mouse all the way to the right, still on the highlighted blue bar of the folder.

  16. Click "Share". When the drop down menu appears, click "Invite Collaborators".

  17. In the new window that pops up, under "Invite", type in the email address of the person you want to share it with.

  18. At the bottom right corner of the window, click the black button that says "Send Invites".

  19. Send the person you shared the folder with an email or Slack message to remind them to accept your invitation to this Box folder.

  20. Repeat steps 11 to 16 for all the people (for example, Innovation Sherpas and SMEs) that you need to share the various Challenge/Community folders with. Note that you can include multiple people's email addresses in step 14 where you entered my email address.

  21. Now that the structure is set up, remember to save documents into the correct places and you'll never have to spend time organizing documents again!

Hopefully this explanation was helpful. If you are still having trouble, try asking Roc for technical help or Robyn for a better understanding of what needs to be stored where.