Profiling Innovative Networks in Chronic Pain & Youth Mental Health

Executive Summary

We were alerted to a couple of innovative networks with timely resources related to youth mental health and chronic pain. Each is profiled below with links to relevant resources. Know of other innovative groups? Let us know in the join the conversation space. 


ACCESS Open Minds

ACCESS Open Minds is a national research and evaluation network in Canadian innovation in regards to youth mental health service design, delivery, evaluation, and research. There is ample evidence regarding the problems related to youth mental health, however, little is known about what approaches work best. The body of research generated by ACCESS Open Minds will help to fill this gap in knowledge and will ensure that Canadian youth receive the right care for them. ACCESS Open Minds aims to implement and assess a transformation in the way that youth access and use mental health services in Canada through research and evaluation. 

ACCESS Open Minds - A transformation in youth mental health

Chronic Pain Network

The Chronic Pain Network is a Canadian collaboration of patients, researchers, healthcare professionals, educators, industry and government policy advisors who direct their efforts towards research in chronic pain, train researchers and clinicians, and translate findings into knowledge and policy. Patients are engaged as partners and work with professionals to identify priorities to improve health outcomes, identify new treatments and deliver a more effective healthcare system in Canada. Their mission is to reduce pain and improve function, participation and quality of life for those affected, while reducing any existing economic burdens.

The Chronic Pain Network: Update and Future Plans