Veterans Mental Health Collaboration Zone

Executive Summary

Explore how Colleaga conducted a market sounding exercise in the Veterans Mental Health Collaboration Zone to codesign a challenge brief aiming to improve analytic capabilities for optimized veteran centric care.

Colleaga Collaboration Zones are orchestrated pairings of an active learning innovation program and a supporting community of interest that share a common area of expertise, which in the case of the Veterans Mental Health Collaboration Zone, is veterans mental health. As an innovation orchestrator, Colleaga facilitates knowledge sharing, connections and tools to improve health and social systems. Collaboration zones facilitate and nurture innovation partnerships by bringing together various stakeholders in an innovation community through events and workshops. The virtual market sounding exercise held for Veterans Affairs Canada invited 19 subject-matter experts to co-design an innovation challenge brief with the desired outcome of improving data and analytic capabilities to manage and optimize veteran-centric care. 


Discussions about translating knowledge to action, potential partnerships, and innovation procurement helped our customers produce a well-structured challenge brief that articulates the right challenge and the desired outcomes. Experts from supporting innovation communities in Colleaga learned of an exciting opportunity to collaborate with Veterans Affairs, connected to the Colleaga network, and contributed to an important cause. 


The VMH Collaboration Zone cultivates innovation by bringing the right people to the table. Colleaga’s experience in orchestrating a network of collaborative mission-based innovation programs has allowed us to understand our customer’s goals and the steps to achieving them.

To learn more about this successful market sounding exercise, access the Market Sounding Exercise Synthesis Report at the link below.

Click here to read the Market Sounding Exercise Synthesis Report