Veterans Mental Health Innovation Project Accelerator

Executive Summary

Explore how Colleaga and Veterans Affairs Canada are using the Veterans Mental Health Innovation Project Accelerator to nurture innovations to improve timely clinical access and enhance veterans’ experience.​


Colleaga Innovation Project Accelerators are designed to engage its members in a disciplined innovation process combined with an active learn by doing approach in order to produce a portfolio of novel successful innovation projects that improve global health and social systems. One of our clients, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), has been looking for ways to improve timely clinic access and quality of mental health services delivered to veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces, especially in areas of clinic management and clinic operational workflow processes.


The Veterans' Mental Health Innovation Project Accelerator (VMH IPA) is specifically geared towards nurturing innovations to address the above challenges of delivering veterans' mental health services across the National Network of Operational Stress Injury (OSI) clinics in Canada. The current project in the VMH IPA is aimed at enhancing predictive analytics capabilities across the network to forecast demand for mental health services and better anticipate and manage wait times.


Both Colleaga and VAC value collaborative learning in the VMH IPA and by sticking to a disciplined innovation process, have successfully validated their challenge statement with insights and consensus from stakeholders and market experts, through a Colleaga market sounding event (to learn more about this event, click here). Furthermore, the Innovation Advisory Board, which governs the VMH IPA and is made up of members from Colleaga and VAC leaders, has collectively agreed to transition the project into its solutioning phase, in the span of one month since its inception.