Wound Care Technologies

Executive Summary

Wound assessments and monitoring can be completed easily through the use of digital aids for measurement, imaging, and documentation. This article provides a list of wound management systems and digital platforms. These tools can be used by healthcare providers to enhance the care of patients with wounds. This article provides a brief overview of some of these technologies.

For more information on wound care see the following article: Wound Care Overview

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Wound Assessment & Monitoring Systems 

BedSide and WoundManager

  • BedSide and WoundManager is a wound care assessment and management software system.
    • BedSide is a front-line assessment tool that features 2D wound measurements, recommends diagnosis and treatment, and provides clinical alerts
    • WoundManager is to be used for administrative controls and reporting that features wound documentation, education, collaboration and reporting
  • Pixalere infographic


  • The remote clinical imagery system is an app that can be added to IOS and Android platforms 
  • CarePICS:
    • photographs and measures (surface area, length, and width without touching) a wound
    • allows clinicians to invite consulting entities
    • clinical data can be charted during the session
    • integrates into existing EMR
    • can archive data into a secure server
  • CarePICS - Systemness white paper

eKare InSight

  • The digital platform is a system-wide mobile wound care solution. Features include:
    • 3D wound dimensions, automatic wound border delineation, and tissue composition
    • wound documentation through automation and intuitive UI
    • telehealth platform that analyzes data
  • compatible with major EHRs 


  • EPISCAN I-200 is a high-frequency ultrasound technology which helps to differentiate subtle changes in tissue structure
  • This is a valuable tool for the prevention and assessment of chronic wounds. It can be used to:
    • visualize the tissue beneath the wound and edema
    • visualization of wound undermining and tract formation
    • visualize foreign bodies
    • helps to document the effectiveness of wound treatments


  • how2track is a wound care management software
  • It tracks wound healing progress, alerts clinicians to problems, and provides best practice decision-support recommendations
  • HOW Equation for Optimal Wound Healing

Kent Handheld Imaging Device

  • This technology is a handheld imaging device that provides an instant assessment of tissue oxygenation and perfusion imaging which can help to identify at-risk tissue and guide treatment
  • The device works by using light in the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum
  • The device is non-invasive and therefore doesn't require the injection of dyes
  • Provides rapid wound assessment through predicting healing trajectory and tracking patient progress 

Parable Mobile Wound Management Software

  • This software is used to measure, monitor, and manage acute, subacute, and chronic wounds
  • Software features:
    • wound images can be captured and analyzed in 2D and 3D
    • smartphone alignment and time-lapse playback
    • automated measurements
    • standardized documentation 
    • actionable analytics


  • Silhouette is a proven clinical practice tool through the use of wound imaging, 3D measurement, and documentation system using non-invasive laser technology
  • The tool can be integrated with existing EMR systems
  • The tool uses a camera and software to complete accurate wound assessments
  • The system features:
    • proven infection control 
    • proven advanced image capture
    • proven data security and privacy
  • Silhouette product tour
  • Silhouette wound assessment demonstration

Swift Skin and Wound 

  • The Swift App can be used for wound measurement, immediate tissue analytics
  • The use of an app allows for reduced cost, reduced contamination risk, avoids physical wound contact
  • Immediate analysis of wound care data can be done via EMR or swift dashboards

Tissue Analytics 

  • This platform is used to measure, analyze, and treat patients. 
  • EMR integrations include: Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, athenahealth
  • The platform measures wounds through wound dimensions, surface area, and tissue composition
  • The content is analyzed through a clinical portal and the platform


Wound Mapping Ultrasound

  • Wound Mapping Ultrasound is a diagnostic tool that enables visualization of blood flow and ankle-brachial index waveform documentation
  • The Wound Mapping Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging method with no contraindications 
  • Wound Mapping Ultrasound


  • WoundMatix telehealth solution allows patients to upload wound images to care coordinator for assessment, measurement, and outcome tracking
  • WoundMatrix features secure cloud computing, data mining & analytics, and regulatory compliance

WoundVision Scout

  • The Scout acquires data through scanning the patient with the imaging device. The data is stored and analyzed for real-time reporting. This information is then combined with clinical judgment and then applied for more efficient outcomes
  • The scout uses visual imaging technology to determine wound size measurement 
  • The scout also uses infrared imaging technology to visual perfusion, blood flow and metabolic activity. It also quantifies tissue temperature change as comparative function.


WoundZoom's Wound Management system 

  • WoundZoom is a tool for wound measurement, documentation, management, and analysis
  • WoundZoom features advanced hardware and intuitive software
    • WoundZoom 3D is a tablet that can be used for wound documentation and measurement
    • WoundZoom web unifies data with web-based connectivity. WoundZoom web is customizable, comprehensible, and connected.
  • WoundZoom Presentation
  • WoundZoom information


  • +WoundDesk is used for home care to:
    • help manage chronic conditions
    • document quickly
    • access medical information
    • synchronize with EHR