Emerging Idea: Software to provide self-care tools for chronic disease management

Rationale / Objectives

One of the largest issues facing healthcare today is the chronic disease epidemic. 50% of all North American adults suffer from one or more chronic health conditions. This not only affects the health of the population but causes a significant economic burden. The World Economic Forum has estimated that the top 5 non-communicable diseases will cost $47 trillion over the next 20 years.1 Therefore, it is vital to engage chronic disease patients to better their own health and make a positive impact on population health.

Project/Program Description & Major Achievements

NexJ Connected Wellness is a patient-facing digital platform that uses mobile and wearable technology to engage patients with chronic disease to be actively involved in managing their care. By empowering patients to manage their own health they are able to achieve their health goals, payers can lower cost, improve patient care from providers, and improve medication adherence. The program educates patients, uses patient-facing care plans that keep patients informed about their own health, and motivates the patient through a personal health coaching plan. 

Lessons Learned

NexJ Connected Wellness uses a three-pronged approach to affect patient engagement for chronic disease management. The use of audio-visual records of discussions for patients to share with family and friends engages the patient's support system. Informing the patient about their condition through messaging, online scheduling and assessments improve collaboration and care coordination. Lastly, a personal health coaching plan for the patient provides on-going support and encouragement to help them create sustainable behaviour change. 

Further Description

NexJ Connected Wellness allows patients to have access to their own information rather than have the information sit in a doctor's office. Furthermore, it allows the doctor to check on the patient in between appointments as the patient uploads information like weight, their steps, and their sleep. The constant flow of information allows the patient to be actively involved.

NexJ Connected Wellness is one of the recipients of the Health Technologies fund.

Ontario's Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist (OCHIS) have put together a $20-million Health Technologies Fund (HTF) that is administered by Ontario Centres of Excellence to support the development of health technologies made in Ontario. Health priorities have been set to address the health priority area of 'Better care closer to home'.

Major Achievements

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