Colleaga is a social venture combining an open access, free repository of the world healthcare system improvement knowledge and a network for everyone in healthcare who is interested in improvement.

In Colleaga you can:

  • Ask your peers across the world what worked for them
  • Reach out to experts to find out how to really have an impact
  • Easily find best practices in healthcare improvement in thousands of topic areas
  • Join Communities of practice in specific topic areas to learn and share
  • Find databases, checklists, process maps and other tools that were developed and tested by others

And you can

  • Quickly and easily share your expertise with other going on the same journey you have been on
  • Help your fellow Colleagians excel
  • Contribute to the Global body of knowledge
  • Be recognized for your expertise and contributions

The best contribution is the one you want to make

  1. Provide open content
  2. Become members
  3. Join communities of practice
  4. Sponsor a community of practice
  5. Be a Colleaga benefactor
  6. Be a Friend of Colleaga
  7. Suggest topics
  8. Watch our progress