5S: The Key to Better Organization in Healthcare


Toyota popularized a lean process called “5S” to create and maintain organized workplace environments. In healthcare, 5S is used to enhance the quality of care for patients by reducing a common time-waster for staff - looking for supplies and equipment.


  • What is 5S?
  • Why 5S?
  • How? Sort, Shine, Set In Order, Standardise, Sustain
  • Some practical tips for commencing a 5S Activity Prework (Typical Health Care ward storeroom)
  • Examples of what can be 5S’d in Health Care


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5S in Healthcare
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Redesigning Care, Southern Adelaide Local Health NetworkHEALTH.FMCRedesigningCare@health.sa.gov.au  

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5S for Healthcare

5S Healthcare

Lean in Healthcare: The 5S approach