6-PACK programme to decrease fall injuries in acute hospitals: Cluster randomised controlled trial


To evaluate the effect of the 6-PACK programme on falls and fall injuries in acute wards. Patients falling remains a common cause of harm in acute hospitals worldwide. Recent epidemiological studies provide evidence that the harm from in-hospital falls is increasing. Systematic reviews show that limited high quality evidence from randomised trials or observational studies exists for effective falls prevention programmes in acute hospitals. Introduction of the 6-PACK programme improved fall risk tool completion and use of fall prevention interventions recommended by best practice guidelines but had no effect on falls or fall injuries compared with usual care. The “opportunity costs” of delivering falls prevention interventions known to be ineffective are considerable, and disinvestment in these practices should be considered. System level and/or environmental interventions may offer improved potency and effectiveness and should now be the focus of further investigation.


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Anna L Barker, Renata T Morello, Rory Wolfe, Caroline A Brand, Terry P Haines, Keith D Hill, Sandra G Brauer, Mari Botti, Robert G Cumming, Patricia M Livingston, Catherine Sherrington, Silva Zavarsek, Richard I Lindley, Jeannette Kamar

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