ANKORS 2015 Shambhala Music Festival Drug Checking Report


Key Question: Can providing drug checking booths reduce harm with drugs commonly used at music festivals? 

This report is a summary of 2015 data collected by ANKORS at the Drug Checking booth at Shambhala Music Festival near Salmo, B.C., Canada. Three important findings are presented in this paper. 

These findings include: 

  1. The high uptake in a harm reduction service that includes drug checking is proof of its value to the population of people who use drugs.
  2. People who use the drug checking service are more likely to dispose of a substance when given a test result they were not expecting.
  3. Even more importantly they are more likely to dispose of their substance when they are given a result that shows the substance is "excessively dangerous" and likely to result in serious clinical consequences. 


  • Services
    • ANKORS
  • Drug Checking
    • The Testing Procedure
    • Drug Checking is sought after by festival goers
  • 2015 Data Collected at Shambhala
    • Comparison of belief versus actual
    • Disposals
  • Conclusion
  • Data Limitations
  • Resources and References

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Shambhala Festival | Drug Testing for Safety