Becoming a Preferred Partner to Facilitate Better Health Outcomes


Mount Sinai Hospital is a world-class academic health centre with an outstanding reputation for excellent clinical services and advanced research. Since our inception in 1923, we have enjoyed a long and successful history of working collaboratively with external strategic partners to better position ourselves to provide high-quality health-care services while enhancing the overall patient experience. We are committed to the philosophy that mutual benefits realized through hospital-community partnerships result in improved health for our patients, their families, and increased efficiencies to the overall Ontario health-care system. This is a useful example of a partnership strategy that may be useful for other organizations.


  • Executive Summary
  • Mount Sinai Hospital Strategic Plan Drives the 2010-2013 Community Partnership Strategy
  • Strategy Development
  • Vision & Values
  • Strategic Business Priorities
  • Enabling Priorities
  • Conclusion
  • Implementation Plan & Next Steps
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Mount Sinai Hospital

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Health Care Video Collection Strategic Partnership Helps UHN Deliver Innovation