Business Case for Workplace Health


Unhealthy workplaces in part, contribute to rising disease rates that are largely preventable. A healthy workplace is an environment where Individual Healthy Lifestyle Practices, Occupational Health & Safety Programs, and the Organizational Culture & Support, work together to promote health and prevent disease. Unhealthy workplaces also place a significant burden on businesses; due to indirect and direct costs of poor health Canadian businesses lose approximately $33 billion dollars annually. The purpose of this business case is to demonstrate the economic benefit of workplace health programs for businesses in Alberta and foster commitment to these programs.


  • Executive Summary
  • The Burden of Poor Health
  • Containing the Burden of Poor Health
  • Maximizing ROI: The 5 Pillars of Success
  • Partnerships
  • Conclusion
  • References
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Alberta Health Services Workplace Health Team

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Corporate Wellness