Changing Patient Behavior: The Next Frontier in Healthcare Value


To address the rising cost of chronic conditions, health systems must find effective ways to get people to adopt healthier behaviors. A new person-centric approach to behavior change is likely to improve the odds of success. Changing individual behavior is increasingly at the heart of healthcare. The old model of healthcare—a reactive system that treats acute illnesses after the fact—is evolving to one more centered on patients, prevention, and the ongoing management of chronic conditions. 


  • Changing individual behavior
  • Elements of the paradigm
    • Engaging individuals
    • Integrating behavior change into new care delivery models
    • Using the power of influencers and networks
    • Utilizing remote and self-care-oriented technologies
    • Adopting a multi-stakeholder approach
  • Impact and implementation
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McKinsey Healthcare Systems and Services

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Motivational Interviewing: Guiding Positive Change in Patient Behaviors

Changing Patient Behavior and Technology