Collaborative Health Platform: Design Specification & Analysis Report


Key Questions: What is the best way to develop an eHealth ecosystem to facilitate healthcare services? What are open source solutions? 

The Collaborative Health Platform (CHP) is a partner-driven initiative to develop a cohesive m&eHealth ecosystem that facilitates the delivery of healthcare in resource-constrained environments. This document provides a series of guidelines, analysis, and specifications outlining how integrating open source solutions currently deployed in these environments can be achieved. Specifically, this specification provides:
  1. An identification of “roles” that are required to exist within an interoperable system
  2. An analysis of several standards-based interfaces that were identified for communication with the integrated health platform
  3. An analysis of the capabilities of deployed systems with a list integration issues and gaps that need to be addressed
  4. A list of alternate open source technologies that also implement each service role
  5. Sample messages for each of the standards-based interfaces identified
  6. Sequence diagrams of how messages and operations can “flow” between systems and service roles within the system

This document can be used as a guide for other regions/organizations undertaking interoperability initiatives.

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