Consumer and Patient Principles for Electronic Health Information Exchange in California


Electronic health information exchange and technology can improve health outcomes, empower patients to participate actively in their care, generate research data to improve population health, and improve the effectiveness of our health system. The nine principles below are core expectations and minimum criteria that should govern the design and implementation of health information exchange and technology in California. These principles are interdependent, and the benefits, effectiveness, protections, and balance of any one may depend in significant part upon one or more other principles. 

This tool can be used as an example for other jurisdictions developing a health information exchange.


  • Important Benefits for Individual Health
  • Important Benefits for Population Health
  • Inclusivity and Equality
  • Universal Design Accessibility and Interoperability
  • Privacy and Security
  • Preventing Misuse of Health Data
  • Partnership and HIT Literacy
  • Accountability
  • Enforcement
  • Appendix A: Specific Principles for Privacy and Security of Health Information
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