Creating and Maintaining Effective Partnerships


This short and simple guide outlines the Community Partnership Enhancement Forum (C.P.E.F.) learnings around increasing the degree and depth of partnership work. It is useful for staff and partner organizations working in partnership to develop sustainable community based supports for children, youth, families and communities.


  • Community Partnership Enhancement Forum (CPEF)
  • “Partnership”
  • Identifying the Purpose of the Partnership
  • Partnership Representation
  • Planning Together
  • Implementation of the Project/Strategy
  • Ongoing Evaluation of the Partnership and the Project
  • Partnership Challenges
  • Benefits of Partnering
  • Appendices
    • A. Example: Partnership Agreement between Braemar School (E.P.S.B.) and Terra Centre
    • B. Worksheet: Action Implementation Plan
    • C. Example: Community Partnership Committee Outcome Evaluation
    • D. Example: Magic Carpet Ride Community Partnership Survey
    • E. Worksheet: Partnership Membership and Representation
    • F. Brief Partnership Assessment
    • G. Ingredients for a Healthy Partnership
    • H. Evolving List of Resources on Partnerships
    • I. Worksheet: Conflict Resolutions
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Deborah Morrison, M.A.P.S. Alberta Capital Region

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Developing Effective Partnerships with Health Coalitions

WEBINAR: Building Effective Partnerships through Networking & Collaboration