Demonstrating Value With Communities Of Practice


Key Questions: How can we support workers with relevant information? How can communication help?

The current workforce requires people to expend energy, time and talent on labour intensive tasks. Knowledge workers waste a lot of time searching for data and often fail to find useful information. The current resource-sharing format is not feasible to support workers with relevant information. 

The communication culture is changing to rely on social networking to share information. It is proven people trust resources approved and provided by their colleagues. That is why communities of practices allow for better collaboration among groups of people who share interests. 

Throughout the tool, methods such as lean community facilitation or effective use of metrics and indicators, publishing anecdotes, etc. are explained to support the facilitation of a successful community of practice.


  • What’s the point of online communities?
  • Creating value for community members.
  • How do you measure value?
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Steve Dale, ​Collabor8Now

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Community of Practice

The Value of Communities of Practice (Tim Cusack)