Designing Meetings that Matter


Key Questions:  How can I effectively design and facilitate meetings that matter?  What strategies can be used to promote equity work in your community?

Currently, most meetings are unproductive which results in wasted time and money. Additionally, meetings with community members and champions are the most affected by inequities. This tool will provide strategies to help to promote equity when working in the community. The steps to a great meeting are stated to include space, time, eventfulness, products, and style considerations.

This tool provides worksheets that allow for increased engagement and help to facilitate meaningful conversation.


  • Facilitator Tips 
  • Meeting Design Worksheet
  • Ladder of Involvement 
  • Planning for Participation
  • Outline of the Event 
  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviors 
  • Keep the Conversation Going
  • ORID Worksheet: How to Conduct a Focused Conversation
  • Debrief Discussion with Implementation Team
  • Meeting Effectiveness Checklist
  • Evaluation of Meeting/Event
  • Personal Action Plan for Meetings 
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Holly Hayes; Iron Sharpens Iron Consulting Group, LLC.

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