Developing and Sustaining Interprofessional Health Care: Optimizing patients/clients, organizational, and system outcomes


This healthy work environment best practice guideline (BPG) is an evidence-based document that focuses on developing and sustaining interprofessional health care. It contains much valuable information, but is not intended to be read and applied all at once. We recommend you review and reflect on the document and implement the guidelines as appropriate for your organization at a particular time.


  • How to Use this Document
  • Purpose & Scope
  • Guiding Principles & Assumptions
  • Summary of Recommendations
  • Types of Evidence
  • Advisory Committee Members
  • Development Panel Members
  • RNAO Best Practice Program Guideline Team
  • Stakeholder Acknowledgement
  • Background to the Healthy Work Environments Best Practice Guidelines Project
  • Organizating Framework for the Healthy Work Environments Best Practice Guidelines Project
  • Background Context of the Guideline
  • Overview of the Conceptual Model for Developing and Sustaining Interprofessional Care
  • External/System Recommendations
  • Organizational Recommendations
  • Individual/Team Recommendations
  • Research Gaps & Future Implications
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Evaluation & Monitoring of Guideline
  • Process for Reviewing & Updating the Healthy Work Environments Best Practice Guidelines
  • References
  • Appendices
  • Ontario Association of Social Workers
  • Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists
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Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

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