The Digital Hospital Evolution: Creating a Framework for the Healthcare System of the Future


Globally, the challenges of healthcare delivery vary widely, yet health systems around the world have similar objectives: to deliver the highest quality care to the most people possible at the lowest possible cost. Healthcare spending around the globe continues to rise at unsustainable rates, consuming an ever-increasing slice of the world’s economy. The burden of chronic diseases is rising in both developed and developing nations, fastest among lower-income countries, populations and communities, where they impose large costs in human, social and economic terms. In response, the worldwide healthcare industry is undergoing radical transformation, driven by a fundamental shift in the expectations of all stakeholders: patients, governments, insurers, employers and providers. Increasingly, healthcare delivery organizations worldwide are rethinking the services they offer as funding and payment models evolve, focusing on wellness and outcomes rather than volumes of services consumed. For transformation to succeed, organizations will need to adopt both technology and process improvement strategies to enable secure access, exchange and analysis of patient information and to create greater efficiencies in both business and clinical processes. These strategies will give rise to a more patient-centric care model through better monitoring and management of wellness and chronic disease and enable cost containment while improving overall delivery system health. 


  • Managing towards a sustainable healthcare system
  • Managing complexity: the Digital Hospital Framework
  • Meeting the challenge
  • How IBM can help hospitals transform
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