EHRS Blueprint: An Interoperable EHR Framework


Key Questions: What are the components of the Canadian Electronic Health Record solution? How can I learn more about these components?

The Electronic Health Record Solution (EHRS) Blueprint is the framework for the Canadian Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution and it provides the enterprise systems architecture to guide overall development of the whole and the individual parts. This paper provides an overview of the EHRS Blueprint. Our purpose is to support understanding of the EHRS Blueprint by users of EHR Solutions and by those who are accountable for effectively using information technology for health. The building blocks include individual EHRs, health information management systems in large and small healthcare settings called Point of Service applications (PoS), health information repositories and warehouses, and special service applications that screen and manage health information as it is transmitted from one point to another. These capabilities, combined with a supporting infostructure that connects them all, is called the EHRS.


  • Introduction
  • The EHRS Blueprint: A Framework for the Canadian Electronic Health Record Solution
  • EHRi Services: Enabling the EHR Infostructures to Work Together
  • Frameworks Within the EHRS Blueprint
  • Conclusion: Impact of the EHRS Blueprint
  • Acronyms & Terms
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