Employers' Guide to a Mentally Healthy Workplace


Organizations are under constant pressure to reduce costs now more than ever. This tool suggests ways to help increase productivity, improve staff performance while saving thousands of dollars. Mental health problems like anxiety, depression and unmanageable stress affect one in six British workers each year. Work-related mental ill health costs the UK economy up to £26 bilon every year through lost working days, staff turnover and lower productivity. They can affect anyone in any industry. Yet mental health is still a taboo subject, with employers and employees feeling scared and confused about confronting the issue.


  • Introduction
  • What is poor workplace well-being?
  • What does a mentally healthy workplace look like?
  • Creating mentally healthy workplaces
  • Mind resources
  • Other resources and organizations
  • References
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'see me' - I'm mentally well at work

Mental Health in the Workplace