Ensuring a more equitable healthcare system: Addressing the needs of Canada’s frail elderly


To improve care for the frail elderly, we need to break down traditional silos that focus on single diseases and silos of local and regional healthcare systems and settings. Addressing frailty requires a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach. The Canadian Frailty Network brings together the collective expertise, knowledge and talent in Canadian healthcare research, including disciplines and professions outside medicine: geriatrics and gerontology, decision-makers, policy experts, international experts, clinicians, researchers, ethicists, legal experts and citizens. Together, these groups can advance the dialogue on how to improve care of the frail elderly on both clinical and societal levels. 


  • Why does frailty matter?
  • What can be done?
    1. Establish a Health Accord funding model based on age and frailty
    2. Standardize how frailty is determined
    3. Increase the evidence on frailty and late life issues
  • How can these steps help frail elderly Canadians?
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Canadian Frailty Network

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Care management for elder care

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