FALLS PREVENTION TOOLKIT: Strategies for Streamlined Communication, Interdisciplinary Scope, and Patient and Family Engagement


Despite heightened national attention to this issue, patient fall rates across the U.S. continue to escalate, putting patients and caregivers at increased risk. This Falls Prevention Toolkit was developed as part of the CMS Partnership for Patients initiative grant, under the AHA/HRET Hospital Engagement Network. 


  • Executive Summary 
  • Always Event©: Communication Strategies
  • Always Event©: Multidisciplinary Engagement
  • Always Event©: Patient And Family Engagement
  • Citations
  • Staff Huddle Worksheet.
  • Reducing Falls/Injuries From Falls Crosswalk 
  • Resources
  • Suggested Citation
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Williams, A. & Downing, D. (2014). Falls prevention toolkit: Strategies for streamlined communication, interdisciplinary scope, and patient and family engagement. Missouri Hospital Association.

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