FOCUS PDSA Improvement Methodology


FOCUS and PDSA is a methodology that can be used to change how a service is provided based on data to support the changes. This method can also be used to measure the impact of the change. FOCUS is the sequence for an area of improvement identification, and PDSA refers to the cycle through a process of improvement. 

This tool provides a worksheet to determine a statement of aim and to go through the FOCUS and PDSA Method.


This tool presented information about the following information:

  • Step 1: Statement of Aim
  • Data-Based Concepts: Benchmarking
  • FOCUS and PDSA Method
    • F - Find an opportunity for improvement 
    • O - Organize a team
    • C - Clarify processes and problems
    • U - Understand the process and root causes of the problem
    • S - Select an improvement ​​​​​
    • P - Plan the improvements
    • D - Do/Implement the plan
    • S - Study the results
    • A - Act on the findings
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Medical University of South Carolina 

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