A Framework for Integration of Community and Clinical Care to Improve the Delivery of Clinical Preventive Services Among Older Adults


This report proposes an overarching framework – based on the principles of current evidence based models – to integrate community and clinical care for the delivery of a core set of preventive services. These services are selected because they have high economic value, produce some of the greatest health benefits for the dollars spent, and are broadly applicable to the general population. The services are also universally covered for older adults by health insurance plans, including Medicare. Once developed, community-clinical integration could readily be extended to other preventive services, and to the care of chronic diseases, and even acute conditions. 


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Rethinking the CPS Delivery System
  • Integrating Clinical and Community Care to Deliver CPS
  • A model for understanding delivery participants and roles
  • Evidence supporting Community and Integrated CPS Delivery
  • Conclusions
  • References

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2013 London - Improving care for older people: Integrated care for an improved patient experience

Dennis Kodner: Integrated care models for frail older people - February 2012