Guide to Accommodation Options for Older People in Aotearoa/New Zealand


Housing plays a variety of roles in people’s lives, especially aging populations. As well as providing shelter it is a form of investment and contributes to economic, social and psychological security. These latter ‘intangible’ factors can be at least as important as the tangible and monetary costs and benefits of different housing options. Housing conditions influence both physical and mental health, but the inter-relationship is not simple. The important intervening variables are income and housing tenure. The report incorporates information from the present situation, projections for the future, international examples and informed opinions from stakeholders in the housing sector. It uses these to look to the future and ask what types of accommodation will best meet the needs of a rapidly ageing New Zealand population and improve the quality of life for older people, especially those with low incomes, renters, Maori, Pacific people and women. 


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Ch. 1: Important Issues in Housing for Older People
  • Ch. 2: The Present
  • Ch. 3: International review
  • Ch. 4: Looking to the Future
  • Ch. 5: Issues for the Future
  • Ch. 6: Conclusions
  • References
  • Tables

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