Guide to Demographic Data Collection in Healthcare Settings


Key Questions: What is the importance of demographic data collection? How can it be used to improve quality of healthcare?

Poor understanding of data collection goals, challenges with IT solutions, staff discomfort with collecting demographic information, and patient/client reservations are all frequently cited as system-level and individual-level barriers to sustainable demographic data collection and use. This guide was developed to help healthcare organizations overcome these challenges and embrace the opportunities in standardized demographic data collection. 

The goals of the guide are:

1. Explain the rationale for and importance of demographic data collection

2. Highlight the impact of demographic data collection on improving health care quality

3. Provide evidence-based guidance, tools, and resources for demographic data collection.


  • Introduction to guide
  • Health equity principals
  • Laying the groundwork 
  • Strategies for successful demographic data collection 
  • Design demographic data collection model 
  • Staff training
  • Beyond demographic data collection 

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