Guide to Evaluating Health Information Exchange Projects


This guide is designed to assist healthcare professionals in evaluating a health information exchange (HIE) project and creating an evaluation plan. The guide offers information to assist in all steps of the HIE project evaluation planning process. The guide is designed to be useful to HIE project evaluation novices, experienced health IT evaluators who are new to the HIE field, and individuals who have assisted in HIE project evaluation efforts but have never led such an evaluation. For the more experienced HIE project researcher or evaluator, this guide can enhance their understanding of the evaluation process.

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  • Introduction
  • Section 1: Selecting Your Evaluation Team
  • Section 2: Characterizing Your HIE Project
  • Section 3: Assessing the Value of HIE
  • Section 4: Developing Your Evaluation Plan
  • Section 5: Creating Your Dissemination Plan
  • Section 6: Examples of Evaluation Measures
  • References
  • Figures
  • Tables
  • Appendices
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Guide to Evaluating Health Information Exchange Projects

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Pan E, Byrne C, Damico D, Crimmins M. Guide to Evaluating Health Information Exchange Projects. (Prepared for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality under Contract No. 290200900023-I.)

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