A Guide to Resolving Workplace Conflicts


Effective and efficient ways of resolving workplace conflicts are key to any organization's progress. This guide provides an easy-to-read resource that reflects Alberta workplace realities and includes recommended techniques on issue-based problem-solving adapted by the Government of Alberta.


  • Is This Publication for You?
  • When There Are Differences - Conflicts and Ways of Dealing With Them
  • Building Better Workplaces Through Issue-Based Problem-Solving
  • Reading From the Same Page
  • The Right Words and the Right Questions
  • Facilitation - Bringing In Outside Help
  • Resolving Differences in the Workplace - Why Should You Care?
  • Putting Problem-Solving to Work in Unionized Environments
  • Helpful Resources
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The Government of Alberta

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Sources of Workplace Conflict

Types Of Conflict In The Workplace