Health Care For Our Neighbourhoods: Transforming Health and Hospitals in New York


The entire healthcare industry is in transition. Increasingly, healthcare systems are no longer being paid more to do more. Instead, they are paid more only when the health of their patients improves. This move from “paying for volume” to “paying for value” is welcome and overdue. But such fundamental change in how health care is paid for requires hospitals and physicians to embrace fundamentally new models of care—models that are designed to promote wellness and keep patients out of expensive hospitals and emergency rooms.


  • Executive Summary
  • A Vision for Public Health Care in New York
  • Health and Hospitals Face a Significant and Looming Financial Crisis
  • Bridge to Better Health: A Transformation Plan to Achieve a Strong Sustainable Public Health Care System For All New Yorkers
    • Goal #1: Provide Sustainable Coverage and Access to Care for the Uninsured
    • Goal #2: Expand Community-Based Services with Integrated Supports that Address the Social Determinants of Health
    • Goal #3: Transform Health and Hospitals into a High-Performing Health System
    • Goal #4: Restructure Payments and Build Partnerships to Support the Health Outcomes of Communities
  • Next Steps: Implementing the Plan
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NYC Health and Hospitals

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Transforming healthcare for children and their families: Doug Dietz at TEDxSanJoseCA 2012