Healthcare for the Aging Citizen and the Aging Citizen for Healthcare: Involving Patient Advisors in Elder-Friendly Care Improvement


Key Questions: What improvements need to be made for the ageing populations healthcare? 

With an aging population and a healthcare system that is overly reliant on providing expensive and sometimes problematic hospital-based care for older Canadians, driving improvements that promote elder-friendly care has never been more critical. This article considers the development of elder-friendly care models and practices, with lessons for patient advisors and organizations on the necessary skill-mix, as well as lessons for providers and managers on ways to more effectively engage patient advisors in health system improvement to better serve an aging population.


  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Spreading Elder-Friendly Care
  • Examples of Patient Advisory Roles and Skills
  • Advice for Healthcare Leaders and Providers
  • Discussion/Conclusion
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April 2017

The Difference Between Care & Caring