Home and Community Care Risk Assessment Tool


The Home and Community Care (HCC) sector is fundamental to healthcare in British Columbia (BC). Community Health Workers (CHWs) are a workforce that provides healthcare and other services, such as assistance with activities of daily living, to clients in their own homes. Ensuring a safe work environment is an employer’s responsibility. Collaboration between CHWs, Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees (JOHSC), clients and their families, regulating agencies and employers is essential for developing an effective health and safety program in this sector. 


  • Introduction
  • Section A - MSI Risk Assessment
  • Section B - Assistive Devices
  • Section C - Chemical Hazards
  • Section D - Biological Hazards and Infection Control
  • Section E - Violence and Working Alone: E1 - Violence
  • Section E - Violence and Working Alone: E2 - Working Alone
  • Section F - General Hazards
  • Appendix A: Risk Assessment Tool and Summary of Hazards and Control Measures Form
  • Appendix B: Community Health Subsector Agreement Article 22
  • Appendix C: Ergonomics Risk Factors in Home and Community Care
  • Appendix D: Tips for Completig Section A - MSI Risk Assessment
  • Appendix E: Non-toxic Alternatives
  • Appendix F: References and Resources

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In-Home Care Assessment Information: Assessing Independence