How to Undertake a Competitive Dialogue Procurement Process


Key Questions: What is a competitive dialogue and how can my organization plan for it? What are the associated costs? What proposals should be made?

This Guidance is designed to provide Borrowers with a practical toolkit to support designing and undertaking a Competitive Dialogue Procurement Process.

This Guidance complements and expands on the procedures for Competitive Dialogue described in Annex XIII of the Procurement Regulations. Each Competitive Dialogue process “needs” to be carefully designed and customized to fit the project, in order to maximize the effectiveness of this procurement selection arrangement.

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  • Stage 1: Planning for a Competitive Dialogue
  • Stage 2: Early Market Engagment
  • Stage 3: Advertise and Initial Selection
  • Stage 4: Interim Proposals and Dialogue
  • Stage 5: Final Propsals, Evaluation and Contract Award
  • Stage 6: Contract Implementation 
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