The Importance of Security Awareness Training


Key Questions: What is security awareness training? How can my organization better equip our employees to understand the importance of information security?

One of the greatest threats to information security could actually come from within your company or organization. Inside ‘attacks’ have been noted to be some of the most dangerous since these people are already quite familiar with the infrastructure. It is not always disgruntled workers and corporate spies who are a threat. Often, it is the nonmalicious, uninformed employee. The focus will be on uninformed users who can do harm to your network by visiting websites infected with malware, responding to phishing e-mails, storing their login information in an unsecured location, or even giving out sensitive information over the phone when exposed to social engineering.


  • Introduction
  • Types of Training
  • Training Topics
  • Conclusion
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Pause, Think and Act (Security Awareness Video)