Innovations in Access


Access is one of the dimensions of quality care. It is important to remember that a balanced approach to quality care is vital. Access is one of the important dimensions in achieving high-quality care, and yet, it must not be overemphasized to the jeopardy of other dimensions of care, such as safety and efficiency. The authors shared their wide-ranging perspectives and experiences regarding access.


  • Introduction: Inroads in Access
  • Cancer Patient Navigation Program
  • DTUs Improve Patient Care
  • Taking Telemedicine to New Heights
  • Language Access Interpreter Services in Winnipeg
  • Promoting Access and Quality in Endoscopic Services
  • IT Innovations in the Accreditation Program
  • Access to Person-Centred Care in Family Practices
  • Teleradiology to Solve Wait Times
  • Innovative Technology Links Communities of Pratice
  • In Closing: Taking Quality to New Levels
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Accreditation Canada

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Dr. Samir Qamar, MedLion & MedWand, on Innovation in Health Care Access

Frontline Innovation: Rural and Urban Access to Health (Health Care Innovations Exchange)