Integrated Models of Primary Care and Mental Health & Substance Use Care in the Community: A Literature Review & Guiding Document


The work to develop this guiding document was overseen through a tripartite partnership between the Ministry of Health‘s Mental Health and Substance Use Branch, the Ministry of Children and Family Development’s Child and Youth Mental Health Branch, and Fraser Health. The objectives of the project were to:

  • Review the academic and grey literature to identify the best and most promising models of integrated primary and mental health and substance use community care across the lifespan.
  • Develop a report including a menu of program models for various populations that health authorities can explore and implement as appropriate, across the continuum of needs.
  • Assess the quality of evidence and make recommendations regarding areas for further research and/or evaluation.


  • Purpose
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Integrated Primary & Community Care in B.C.
  • Mental Health & Substance Use in B.C.
  • Overview of the Research
  • Models of Integrated Primary Care & MHSU Care
  • Subpopulation Considerations
  • Commentary on Cost Effectiveness
  • Improving Physician Engagement in MHSU Services
  • Making it Work
  • Appendices
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Ministry of Health, British Columbia

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Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care as a Comprehensive Way to Deliver Patient Care

Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care Physician Offices