Integrating Mental Health Services into Primary Health Care


Primary health care is about providing 'essential health care' which is universally accessible to individuals and families in the community and provided as close as possible to where people live and work. It refers to care which is based on the needs of the population. It is decentralized and requires the active participation of the community and family. Providing mental health services in primary health care involves diagnosing and treating people with mental disorders; putting in place strategies to prevent mental disorders and ensuring that primary heath care workers are able to apply key psychosocial and behavioral science skills, for example, interviewing, counselling and interpersonal skills, in their day to day work in order to improve overall health outcomes in primary health care. 


  • What is Primary Health Care?
  • Rationale for Integrating Mental Health Services into Primary Health Care
  • Challenges to Overcome for Successful Integration
  • WHO Recommendations for Integration

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Integrating Mental Health Care into the Primary Care Home

Our Integrated Model of Primary Care and Mental Health Services