An Interoperability Use Case Narrative: HIMSS Interoperability Maturity Model Task Force


In this narrative, we describe interoperability scenarios, or use cases, to provide education on what connectivity within or between organizations might look like. Given the multiple scenarios possible, we chose a small subset that provides the basis for establishing connectivity between departments in a hospital or between organizations referring patients to each other. Keep in mind, the use case structure is meant to be used as a template that can be replicated to create additional unique use cases for other scenarios. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list and will be updated as needed. In the future, it is vital that health IT systems adopt nationally accepted data standards that facilitate semantic interoperability – which is the exchange of information between systems that preserves the meaning of the information and is understandable when, and where it is needed


  • Introduction
  • Interoperability Defined
  • 'No Interoperability' Scenario
  • Use Cases
  • Resources for Interoperability
  • Next Steps to Interoperability
  • Conclusion

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HIMSS15 Interoperability & Standards: Accelerating Interoperability through Collaboration

The Impact of Interoperability on Patient Care