Knowledge Translation (KT) Planning Primer


The KT Planning Primer is a tool that is designed to support active forms of knowledge sharing. It has three parts:

  • Diagram: a visual overview of the process of making knowledge matter.
  • Worksheet: a series of steps to guide you through the process.
  • User Guide, Appendices and References: questions and resources to help you complete the Worksheet, and beyond. 


Knowledge translation seems straightforward at first but requires careful thought and planning to be effective. This tool will help you share knowledge with greater confidence and ease.


  • Introduction
  • Diagram
  • Worksheet
  • User Guide
    • Who – Who will you reach?
    • Why – What are your KT objectives?
    • What – What is the message?
    • How – Choose the format
    • How – Choose the delivery
    • How – Identify the opportunities
    • How – Know the barriers
    • How – Assess your resources
    • Impact – Assess the impact
    • Impact – Revise as needed
  • Appendices
    • Appendix 1: What
    • Appendix 2: How
    • Appendix 3: Impact
  • References
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Public Health Agency of Canada

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Plain Language Knowledge Translation Planning with Dr. Melanie Barwick