The MAPS Toolkit: mHealth Assessment and Planning for Scale


Key Questions: How can mobile health innovations maximize their impact on outcomes for women, children, and adolescent health?

This toolkit is intended to help advance discussions on how to scale up mobile health (mHealth) innovations and maximize their impact on outcomes for women's, children's and adolescents' health. 

The ubiquity of mobile technology in low- and middle-income countries has triggered an unprecedented investment in mHealth tools that are designed to enhance clinical decision support, measurement and accountability, and strengthen the coverage and quality of life-saving interventions. Established by the Government of Norway in 2011, the IWG Catalytic mHealth Grant Mechanism has played an instrumental role in supporting such mHealth innovations.

The Toolkit covers six major areas (referred to as the “axes of scale”) that influence the scaling up of mHealth: Groundwork, Partnerships, Financial health, Technology & architecture, Operations, and Monitoring & evaluation. The axes of scale reflect the key concerns, activities, and decisions that relate to these six areas.

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  • Introduction
    • Background: scaling up mHealth
    • The MAPS Toolkit
    • How to use MAPS
    • Project overview sheet
  • Axis 1. Groundwork
  • Axis 2. Partnerships
  • Axis 3. Financial health
  • Axis 4. Technology & architecture
  • Axis 5. Operations
  • Axis 6. Monitoring & evaluation
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World Health Organization

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