Memorandum of Understanding Establishing the Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services


Key Questions: What is the purpose of a Memorandum of Understanding with respect to health information exchange? What are the key components of this document? How can a formal working relationship be established?

This Memorandum of Understanding is executed in the State of California by and among its signatory organizations for the express purpose of establishing a formal working relationship among the parties and a collaborative governance structure for the formation, operation, and management of the Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES).

Although specific to the LANES context, the information contained within may be relevant to other entities setting up an HIE.

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  • Purpose
  • Term
  • Participating Agency Responsibilities
  • Bylaws
  • Lead Agency
  • Fiscal Intermediary
  • Fiscal Provisions
  • Privacy
  • Termination
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Waiver
  • Notice
  • Liability
  • Amendments
  • Definitions
  • Complete Agreement
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix A - Definitions
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Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services (LANES) 

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