Mental Health and Primary Care Policy Framework


Key Questions: What are the factors that impact access to primary health care in regards to mental health? How do we enable high-quality primary care for those suffering from mental health issues? What are some ways to remove the stigma surrounding mental health?

It is recognized that people with mental health problems and illnesses have difficulty accessing high-quality primary health care for their physical and mental health care needs. There are many complex and interconnected reasons why these individuals do not receive the primary care that they require and to which they are entitled. Effective primary care that addresses physical and mental health must be collaborative and integrated. This framework uses a social justice lens to give a broad overview of the factors that contribute to primary care access in Ontario.


  • Purpose
  • Why is primary care important for people with mental health problems and illnesses?
  • What we know
  • Principles for a comprehensive Ontario approach to mental health and primary care
  • Conclusion
  • References
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Center for Addiction and Mental Health

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Psychiatry in Primary Care