New York eHealth Collaborative Policy and Governance Structure


Key Questions: What is the NYEC Governance Model?  What important policies are in place? What guidelines are involved in establishing this model? 

This Policy and Governance Paper outlines the structure, goals, objectives and approaches expected of significant stakeholders in this collaborative process and sets broad guidelines for a plan for the development and deployment of the State Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY). 

Although specific to the SHIN-NY context, the information contained within may be relevant to other entities setting up an HIE.

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A Guide to Planning a Health Information Exchange (HIE)


  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Achieving Statewide Interoperability Goals
  • SHIN-NY Governance Model
  • Establishment of Qualified Health IT Entities (QEs)
  • SHIN-NY Stakeholder/Constituent Representation/Input
  • SHIN-NY Provision of Core Services
  • SHIN-NY Vendor Participation
  • Guidelines on Transparency of NYeC Activities
  • Guidelines for Funding of the SHIN-NY, including NYeC and QEs
  • Appendix A: Definitions
  • Appendix B: Commitment to Fair Information Sharing Principles
  • Appendix C: SHIN-NY Policy Committee
  • Appendix D: SHIN-NY Operations Committee
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New York eHealth Collaborative

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