OHIE Client Registry Planning and Implementation Guide


Key Questions: What is a Master Patient Index (MPI)? How can an MPI be implemented? What is a good strategy to manage an MPI?
Sharing healthcare records can be a challenge in a complex environment where there are multiple systems across multiple healthcare institutions and each institution and/or system has a different way to identify their clients. The OHIE provides a guide on how to implement an MPI to ensure the unique identity of an individual amongst the fragmented information systems which collectively represent a person’s electronic health record.


  • Introduction
  • Step 1: Analyze the Environment
  • Step 2: Establish Leadership and Ownership
  • Step 3: Document Specifications and Requirements
  • Step 4: Implement Specifications
  • Step 5: Create Support Plan
  • Step 6 Post-Production Evaluation
  • Job Aid - Analyze the Current Environment
  • Job Aid - Data Specification Guide
  • Data Specification
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Why a Master Patient Index is Necessary for Healthcare IT from CDW