An Overview of Public Private Partnerships in Health


In today’s world of complexity and rapid pace it is almost impossible to do anything alone. This is especially true in health where constantly rising prices, changing disease patterns, and increasing use of sophisticated technology for diagnosis and treatment have made it virtually impossible to imagine any single organization providing services without some type of institutional partnership. This paper looks at why these varied types of partnerships have formed, what are the various models of partnership, and what are some of the challenges that they face in Asia and the Pacific.


  • What is a Partnership?
  • Why Partnerships?
  • What Each Partner Gains
  • Types of Partnership
  • Challenges
  • Conclusions
  • References


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Marc Mitchell, M.D., M.S., Harvard School of Public Health

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GE Look Ahead - Public Private Partnerships in GE Healthcare Africa

The failure of private-public-partnerships in healthcare in the UK